well, i have two half stacks and a PA system in the storage shed that my band practices at and i was wondering if it would damage the cabs and the PA to leave them there all of the time instead of lugging them up and down a flight of stairs and in and out of my car a few times per week. it is getting cold now, the shed isn't insulated, and it isn't climate controlled. i don't mind moving it all but i'd rather not. i do bring the heads home though. tubes + weather change = me spending $200 on new tubes.
Cold doesn't bother this stuff, moisture does.

Make an honest assessment as to how damp-ish things get in there, and you'll know your answer.

Also take into account the possibility of animal damage and theft, and also consider how much damage the cabs stand to take by your lugging them around more...
thanks. not too worried about theft or animal damage. i have insurance on the stuff, there are cameras on the storage shed complex, and we have 3 different locks on the shed itself. that's great to know though. i assumed that temperature would mess it up but if it's just moisture then i don't have anything to worry about. it was raining hard our first practice and the roof was hole free. it rained today too and there wasn't any water in there