Ok guys, this is the deal:

I was thinking it might be cool to change things up a bit here..
So I decided it was time for a Rap/Hiphop competition, in GuitarPro
It is meant to be more of an experimental kinda competition, so everything is possible really, as long as you get some kind of rap/hiphop vibe from it, and off course vocals (lyrics perhaps) could prove to be very helpful, since that is what most rap is about...

But it could really be anything from gansterrap, or 'gangsta'-rap, however you want to spell it, to rap-metal, to rap with jazz or classical influences, hell, you could even make progressive death hiphop or something

anyways, is anyone up to this? I need competitors, the judging can always be done by competitors themselves, or polls or whatever, but we will work that out later

Contributions preferably in Gp5/4 format (or midi if you don't have guitarpro) and I'll be sure to convert every entry (the guitarpro versions at least) to midi, so everyone can listen

Just say if you're up to this, and I'll make a list of competitors


1. KoenDercksen
2. ultimate-slash
3. Lord-O-Donuts
4. juckfush
5. huevos
6. Sum41DudeRob


Ok, I'm gonna set the deadline for December 30th, people will have 3 more weeks to make their songs, I reckon that should be enough?
If there's any problem with that, just let me know

Also, you can contribute whenever you like (just do it in this thread, since there are only 6 competitors, it won't be that much of a mess)..


Guitarpro 5 or 4 version
Gp4 file is always appreciated so that everyone can have a listen

If there are any real fanatics here who want to record it or make it in Fruity Loops or anything, you may add that here, though keep in mind that the judging will only be done on Guitarpro and Midi files...

That will be all
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I'll sign up! I've had a sheet or two of rap-oriented lyrics for an in-class music assessment since 7th grade And coincidentally, I was thinking of putting some progressive music to it since this morning When abouts can we expect the final compositions to be due in for the end of the competition? Cheers!
Well, I won't make this comp because there's too much uni work atm, but was wondering, how the hell does one make rap in GP? The lyrics and the "pseudo-singing" define rap, not the instrumentals...?
Quote by |_JR_|
Well, I won't make this comp because there's too much uni work atm, but was wondering, how the hell does one make rap in GP? The lyrics and the "pseudo-singing" define rap, not the instrumentals...?

well, basically make the backing track in the way you would normally make a song, and then add a vocal track to it, though you must keep in mind that you don't have to follow the basic structure in which most rap is written, and that can vary from a basic 4/4 repeating background, to something progressive with weird measures and timings and influences

And I'm not sure about a deadline for this at the moment, if anyone has a suggestion I'll take them into consideration, but at the moment I'm hoping to get a few more competitors first, so let's put the deadline for signing up in a week or something?

that would be (according to my calender, GMT +1) 9 december, let's say 12 PM (standard GMT)
Quote by KoenDercksen
I'm currently making the instrumentals in GP, but I can't rap for shit? Is it ok to just make the instrumentals with a heavy hiphop influence?

I plan my song on being progressive death hiphop!

Sure, vocals/lyrics are just optional, it's just that if someone is planning on making just a standard background for a rapsong (repetitive/nothing interesting happening with the music) no vocals will make it kinda boring

but it's not obligatory to have rap/vocals in it, so just do with it whatever you wish
Okay, just a little reminder, if anyone else wants to join and isn't mentioned in the original post, just let us know

and to above post:

sounds cool man, though indeed there maybe a shortage of hiphop
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Quote by Sum41DudeRob
I want in on this.

Added to the list as we speak


I don't know a deadline for submissions yet, still thinking about that, but I was thinking in lines of the end of this month? that should be more than enough for most of us I guess, even with the holidays
Okay, deadline will for now be December 30th (read edit in OP)

@ above:

nice hiphop beat you've got going there so far
This is kind of difficult, since rap relies mostly on vocals, while instrumentation gives a background rhythm, which can vary in a whole lot of ways depending on the kind of rap you are making (it could be from hip hop to Red Hot chili peppers even to Linkin Park)....

Maybe for the future we could start a tropical kind of competition, with cumbia/reggaeton/reggae/merengue or anything that style, since I think it would be more "experimental"....