I have three songs that I have been looking for when it comes to tabs/chords. Ive gone to a bunch of threads for help on these songs but got nothing.

Reminiscence - Dennis Martin & Takao Miratsu


What A Job - Devin the Dude
(Focusing on the guitar that starts 11 sec. into it)


Make Your Move - Hieroglyphics


Thank you in advance!

EDIT: For the first song "Reminiscence", im aware that it's a piano. But I was wondering if piano tabs are the same as guitar or if theres a certain way to convert them or however you would say. Im new to guitar and look forward to learning piano next so it just crossed my mind. Anyone? And please help with at least one of these tabs, no one else can help and this is my last option.
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I know everyone can't be in here helping all the time but someone should take a look and see what they can do. Don't have to do them all of course but help with one would be great. Thanks.