I need some help with my assignment for the BTEC 1st Diploma: Music Performance course. Basically; I need to explain the following musical ideas: Melodic Cells, Rhythmic cells, Call and Response and Layering. And find two examples of each within songs.

Anybody? I'm completely stumped.
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Melodic Cells,
A small melodic idea usually 2-4 bars in length repeated throughout a song

Rhythmic cells,
A small rhythmic idea usually 2-4 bars in length repeated throughout a song
An example of this is Beethoven's FIfth Symphony Where then dun dun dun duunnnnn is repeated throughout the song, but in a lot of different pitches.

Call and Response,
Usually between two or more musicians, kind of like a musical conversation. The first phrase feels unfinished without the second phrase. Rhythm is often transferred.
An example of the is The Who's Talking About My Generation The call is generally said after the phrase 'talkin bout mah generation' and then is the response.

To stack instruments on top of each other to give a more full effect. Eg. Instead of one guitar playing the chords, two. And maybe one of them playing them up an octave or in a different position, but not always.
An example of the is The Foofighter's The One There are (I think) two guitar's doing the chords, the drums are also emphasising the SAME rhythm as the bass.
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