FS or FT: Lots of Pedals (fOXX, discontinued Boss, Sample Rate Reducer, etc.)

Prices are shipped/paypal'd in the continental US. I'm open to reasonable cash/trade offers.

Preferred trades (from you):
Diamond Compressor
Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+
Creepy Fingers Harakiri
Fromel Velvet Vice


Foxx Fuzz/Wa/Volume - vintage original (70s) wah/volume pedal with switchable fuzz/octave fuzz (tone machine circuit, I believe). LOTS of options, sounds pretty incredible. In good condition. $280

Analog Sample Rate Reducer - Similar to the Bugbrand Bugcrusher, does the 8-bit-style sounds alright. Gold swirly paint. $140

Barge Concepts HP-1 Harmonic Percolator clone - neat drive and fuzz sounds, not using it enough. $105

Boss BF-2 Flanger - in fine condition, white knobs. $60

Boss PN-2 Tremolo/Pan - in fine condition. $140

Boss OD-3 Overdrive - in fine condition. $65
Any interest in trading the Boss PN-2 for a Boss PS-2?
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I'll have to pass on that one.

Antelope Morning Dew EQ added - discontinued ultra-transparent EQ pedal. $275