I'm thinking of installing a bigsby on my guitar over christmas, and I'm wondering if I should get anything else, to help it stay in tune better. Has anyone done this, and has any advice for me on what to get?
My guitar stays in tune pretty good at the moment, but it doesnt have a vibrato system yet. On my list at the moment is the vibramate plate thing, and a B5.
Thanks for any advice
The vibramate is AWESOME. I had the Bigsby up and running on my SG in like 30 minutes, strung. If you have an SG make sure to get the short tail version, the other one doesn't fit.

As far as other stuff to help, it depends on your guitar. I'm going to get a roller bridge sooner or later for mine, but until then I just rub graphite on the saddles and in the nut and everything has been smooth so far.
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