I have a PRS SE Paul Allender Signature in a sealed, unopened box. I want $499 plus the actual cost of shipping/insurance to wherever you are. I am in central New Jersey (USA). It is burst purple with everything included. It is a great guitar and people tend to love it or hate it (maybe it is all those bat inlays?). You can contact me at englishjw@yahoo.com for more information. Jack
For Sputnik1: It was a gift for my son - extremely thoughtful. Unfortunately, my son is a Schecter guy (Hellraiser C-1, black cherry, stop tail). The PRS SE Paul Allender Signature was just purchased. It will be best for us to sell it unopened. I am new to this board and don't know how to post pictures. My email is englishjw@yahoo.com. Send me an email and I will forward you as many pictures of the box as you would like! Jack