mkkk dudes, this is my first post, id really appreciate the help. im looking to buy a 75 watt amp for dude-mas (christmas) but im at a crossroads as to witch 75 watt amp to buy, im thinking either line 6 spider 4 75 or peavey vypyr 75, they both are in my range of mony but i just want to know witch one is better here are the links

Line 6 Spider 4 75w

Peavey Vypyr 75w

I play moslty MetallicA and ]\/[egadet]-[ songs, Slayer as well but i also emmerge in to total acousticness for days on end, i'm also looking for reliability and long lastendness :P, and power, lots and lots of power soo all comments related to helping me choose the better one are very apreciated
Everyone here will tell you to go with the Vypyr, or neither.
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get the vypyr the distortion on the spider is realy digital, and you will be told by other ugers not to buy one
Between the 2 the vyper is the better choice, Line 6 just sounds way to digital and has horrible overdrive and distortin channels

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