Hey All!

Had this over at the electric guitar part of the forum, but didnt get much help, so i have posted it here.

I've got quite a few guitars now from across a number of brands, and they all have different pickup outputs.

The quietest is my Fender Mustang which is super quiet and the loudest is my Gibson LP Goldtop 67VOS, with Tele's, Strats, Gretsches and my Ric 330/12 comming somewhere between those two extremes.

The problem is that i cant just turn up the volume on my amp because when i do that, my distortions become TOO LOUD. So we then go from my cleans being to quiet to my dist being way too loud. Being a user of quite a few distortion pedals, i dont want to reset the levels on each pedal every time i change guitars.

Are there any soloutions to this out there? (there's gotta be, considering the fact that there are many guitarist who run so much different gear together)

Thanks in advance
volume pedal maybe? There not to much to do when changing guitars.
Get it to a technician, and let him place a buffer amplifier on your quiet pick-ups. It might screw around with your sound a bit, but it's pretty effective.

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how do the pro's get around this problem? Edge from U2 uses up to 23 differet guitars per show all with different outputs :S
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Theres no difference between that and other boost pedals right? if so then im still in the same pickle.
You need an LPB-1 or a clean boost. Lower output pickups will give you more headroom. Whereas higher output = more preamp gain.
1. Upgrade the puny pickups
2. Get a small mixer so you can boost and EQ different guitars according to your needs.
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