ello m8's. I need some help setting up this recording process.

Right now i've got a Pod X3 plugged into my computer via USB. I'm recording it into FL studio 9. I already have a drum track laid out and I have it set in song mode so that when I press record it plays the drum track so I can play along with it. The problem is that when I listen to the recording it records both the drum track and the guitar into one audio file. How do I make it so it's separate?

Second, how can I make it so that my input is the Pod X3 and the sound outputs to my computer speakers?
same problem here with the drum track. also when I put some effects on the guitar the effects affect the drums too. hope someone answers your question.
don't set the drum track as an audio input, and for the second poster, it sounds like you are putting effects on the main bus instead of the guitars mixer channel.
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first, download asio4all. it is a driver that will allow you to have more control over your inputs and outputs. so you can set your input as USB via the POD thingy and your output as your computer's soundcard. as for recording, well i loathe recording in FL, but i think you can choose which channels are set to record. send drums to channel X (or do like me and use separate channels for cymbals and acoustic drums) and your input on channel Y and have at it.

morciu, see the above part on sending things to different channels. channel selector is in the top right red box below:
you shouldn't need ASIO4All with an interface, as it will have it's own ASIO drivers, actually I've found a lot of times if you have an interface ASIO4All will cause driver conflicts.
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really? ive found that it is the best way to get multiple interfaces working correctly. i mean yeah things have their own drivers, but i dont think ive ever gotten FL to be able to use one thing (interface) for the input and something else (onboard sound card) for an output without it. done it in other programs, but never seems to work in FL
heh I dunno, because I've never done that, since I have my monitors and headphones hooked up to my interface as well. But I have heard of a lot of people having problems with having ASIO4All installed alongside other ASIO drivers designed for whatever interface.
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