Okay well since i am new here i am making this contrubution to the community and hopefully people will like me and stuff lol and i am playing guitar awhile now and pretty good and i been using this program to help me and i hope it will help u guys ok

so this what u do u download this here i uploaded it to mediafire for uguys ok
and there 2 thing first is the client and the keygen that make the serial ok
u can download the guitar pro 5.2 at the website or in link cus i uploaded it just in case

here the guitar pro 5.2 installer

and here the keygen to make serial key

ok so all u do is open the keygen and then a window pop up and u click on the generate and it make u a serial and then u open the guitar pro and u put the serial in and there u go free guitar pro for u lol im glad i can help and if u used it pls comment and say something nice ok thx bye
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