Well, more like what should I get for Christmas and Birthday. December bdays... anyone else have em? I always get combined presents . "This year, 'Naptime', we're going to combine your bday and xmas presents into one 'BIG' present (actually, it's usually just the same as a reg xmas one lol, sigh)". Complaining aside, would anyone like to help me figure out what I should "ask" for? I play bluesy stuff. Mainly SRV, Mayer, Hendrix and Frusciante inspired.

My Gear:
- Blues Jr. Nos (mostly clean tones w/o much tube saturation)
- 97' MIA Strat, stock + SRV sig neck and graphtech saddles
- Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner

Current Ideas:
- New guitar body, My current one is making me very nervous. It has a lot of holes in the neck pocket and is unstable enough to slightly flat/sharp strings if the neck is pushed hard. If I were to get a new body I could use my current one and make a second guitar w/ very little money added. Here's a pic of the neck pocket I took a while back. I feel pretty good about this option, but I'm not 100% sure where I would go to get one. Ebay seems good, but an auction for a gift? Warmoth looks to run about 300+ so that feels like I'd be asking too much, dunno.

- EQ Pedal. MXR 6/10 band possibly? I'm not too sure about this one as I feel like I'm still understanding just exactly how treb/mid/bass effect my tone and what combinations I enjoy for different music styles. It feels like a w/e option. If I can't think of anything else I would pick this... or more clothes lol.

- TS9 Pedal. This seems to be a very popular pedal for people who play similar music, but I'm not sure how I feel about it since I mainly play clean tones. The idea behind this is to artificially get the tube saturation sound right?

- Pickups. Lindy Fralins or CS 69's seem to be a good option for blues. I want to get new pickups but I've read so many different threads about how little they effect your tone vs how expensive they are... it makes me unsure I suppose. I dunno if I can ask for 200$ pickups if they won't change my sound much. I do have mia pickups. They sound decent.

- Possibly "combining" the presents into a custom Warmoth body.

If you have any suggestions for xmas gear pls feel free to help or if you can't think of anything share your xmas list
Judging by some of the things you play, I would highly suggest looking in to a TS-808. Or you could get a TS9 if the 808 is slightly out of your range. I love my BJ + 808 combo. You can also use the TS as just a boost, and to add some "tone" since most of the time I use mine with the overdrive set to the lowest possible, and then level and tone set to max. gives the amp a little bit of overdrive as you would expect at higher volumes, a little more volume, and some nice characteristics from the "tone" section of the pedal. Trying to maybe find a used 808 + an EQ would probably be your best solution.
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