Do you remember when you were around the intermediate level and trying to learn to play fast, did you pick a couple exercises and just pound away at them everyday? Or did you just work on solos in the songs you wanted to learn practicing them until you could play full speed? Was your speed increase gradual (ie. started with 16ths at 60bpm and got to 140bpm in a year) or was it relatively quick once you started to work on it, say 6 months or less. I'm not asking for a how-to or anything, just curious about other people's experience with working on their speed.
I'm exactly at that point you mentioned.

I'll usually just work more on solos than just random practice patterns.
I find that more fun since you can basically practice the same techniques by playing certain solos than just a random..thing.

After weeks of doing the same licks over and over (I usually practice several difficult ones at a time for variation) I get to the point where I actually 'level up' and can play it easier/faster/less sloppy. A few levels and I'll master the lick or the speed!
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I picked a few exercises/licks or composed ones I liked and then did about an hour a day for about 3 months. I didn't get all that much faster but it certainly improved my technique and then across the next 6 months I started seeing my "speed" increase as all the practice sunk in and it found its way into my playing. I guess that the 100 or so hours of practice led to around 30 or so bpm of "speed" although like I said, I feel that my technique improved in general - my muting, cleanliness and tone of picked and hammered notes.