So I'm doing my first build. I bought a Saga LC-10 kit (yeah, yeah, i know but i love it so far). I cut the headstock and sanded it down, taped over the fingerboard, etc.

My question is what exactly is the next steps because i've read different ways to do it.

Should I sand, primer, light paint coat so it sticks, 2 more coats, then clear coat?

Or leave it as is (pretty smooth already), primer, paint, wet sand, clear coat and wet sand every 2 or 3 coats?

Or am i just completely jacked up and missing something altogether?

Thanks in advance.
don't bump a thread so soon, man. People will get to it, I promise. And if they don't usually a 24 hour bump will suffice

well have you sanded it at all? if so to what grit?
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It's already sealed apparently so should I leave it and just paint over it? That's what the directions say but I want it to look it's best.

And no, haven't sanded it yet.
sand it as smooth as posible, go up to about 800 grit, then prime it, 1 cote, then sand with 800, cote again, sand again.

then put down your colours, general rule is just as much as needed, if you have a dark primer, and light colour, you will need more cotes, ect.

then clear, try doing thin coats, so a thin cote, wait 20 mins, put another down, repeat.
you might wanna just put 2 or 3 light ones down, let it dry. wet sand it smooth (wet sanding is done with wet sandpaper, make sure you have "wet and dry" sandpaper.
depending on what brand of clear you have, is how much cotes you need. basicly repeat untill you think it looks thick enough/smooth enough.

i think that should work well, that or skeet uk can totaly pwn this thread with his awesomnes in painting.
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I appreciate the help. I'm going to sand it good tomorrow, pime it, and paint it. Thanks.
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I appreciate the help. I'm going to sand it good tomorrow, pime it, and paint it. Thanks.

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Remember you need to wait for the primer to dry 100% which would take 2-3 days depending on which you by sometimes even more... Gibson is known for letting guitars sit in rest while drying for some years... (IMO this is just stupid but they like good stuff).

And also its good to make it 2 layers of primer for better. Was already said but just telling again hehe.
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