So as you know, Christmas is coming up and im currently in need of both a new bass and a new amp. The bass i have right now is my Ibanez starter bass and the bass i have in mind is a Fender MIM Standard Jazz bass. And the amps im trying to decide between are a used SWR Working Man 15 and a Hartke Kickback 15. And so, considering im going to be in a band soon, which should i get first the bass or the amp? And also, which amp should i get and are they going to be loud enough to play with drums?
Damn thats a lot of questions.

Generally, if you have an Ibanez starter bass it should be pretty decent, so you will benefit more from a new amp if you are considering playing live.
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i'd get an amp first. it's useless to join a band with a good bass but a crappy amp cause no one will be able to hear you.
You're gonna want about 200W to play in a band and be heard over a drummer. 200W+, 300W being a good safe place to be with plenty of headroom.
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definitely new new amp. and don't be afraid to check your local craigslist for used gear. great deals, you can usually get a lot more watts for less money. older Carvins are great because they have great tone, great quality and poor resale value meaning killer deals for the buyer. good luck man
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go with a new amp. you should look into an ampeg classic svt-vr depending on what your budget is
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im tryin to keep my budget as low as possible. so as not to give my mom a heartattack
I'd check out Kustom. It can be a tad expensive, but they are loud Built like tanks, too.

What is "as low as possible?" Are you willing to chip in? Can your family do a mass gift? You should find this stuff out, it'll give us a better budget
my recoemendation is buy amp first and then mod your bass second! ibeneze gsr series are very solid instruments for thier money you dont really see much difference untill you at least double it's price. put some new pickups in there after you buy a new amp cuz an awesome amp can make even a crap bass sound amazing
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Look online for good deals on used amps. If you'd rather look at new amps, Acoustic is great if you can swing it. Especially if your going to be in a band, something like a B200H and B410 works fine and doesn't cost an arm and a leg, its no Markbass, but it's not bad at all. Although still look used I say, craigslist is your friend
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