i'm looking at making a standalone power amp to run in combination with the clean channel of a low watt amp i've built.

I want it clear, i want it fat, and i want it loud (well high in headroom). i'm thinking 40-60 watts 6L6 or similar tube. i want it to do a good job replicating just about anything with little coloration and i know fender amps are great at this. i'm planning to lift and convert a fender power amp circuit, but which do you suggest? i'm thinking blackface era, reverb series?
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It sounds to me like your a little confused or I'm misunderstanding you.

What I think you're saying - You want to use a very clean amp, such as an old Fender as a stand-alone poweramp.

I say nay, and nay I say.

What I think you should do - Just build the poweramp from a very clean amp. You can use an old Fender's power-amp schematic for the ultimate in non-coloring.

Better yet- just build an actual hi-fi power amp. Here's some schematics of old tube Hi-Fi amps (Avoid the ones with "(C)" after them. They've been modded to guitar/bass amps):

Get a pair of 6L6s with a hammond 1600 series output transformer, run it in ultralinear at a highish plate voltage (500+). JJ 6V6s if you want less wattage (25ish) or KT77s for 70 watts, KT88s for 100 watts.

Go with large screen resistors if you go the KT88 route, their screens are weak and need the protection.
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End Citizen, you did misunderstand me, i meant build a poweramp from scratch and follow some sort of a fender schematic. i was thinking something like a 65 twin, but built for half power with either KT77's or KT88's.
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?