Alright Pit, since i saw a thread about the scadusher a minute ago, i felt the need to reintroduce the glory of slimjim212121..



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the scaduser hurts









that was disturbing.
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Taking the piss out of Americans is like bullying retards, it's unashamedly one-sided but extremely gratifying.

... Just puttin' this out there, his profile pic has a considerable amount of shoop potential.
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Starting at :23, I felt uncomfortable watching the video.
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What Has Been Seen

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I respect and value your opinion.

Just kidding. You're a fucking retard.

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You want to strap a bunch of used mattresses to the walls?

Why not just roll around naked in medical waste while you're at it?

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medical waste isn't free on craigslist
OMG, if you watch the .gif on the group profile while listening to Kick The Chair by Megadeth he sometimes lines up with the music!
Rojam's new and improved band!!!!

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That was the most annoying thing I've ever seen.
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I took a pic of myself, cut a hole in the face and stuck my knob through so i could see what I'd look like if I got bitten by a radioactive elephant.
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1:21 is what happens when you let your little brother watch Jackass

Yeah I noticed that.
Phil Margera is a much better actor. >_>

Also has anyone realized how f*cking skinny that boy is?
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This reminded me...

can someone give me the link to the "I will not have it!" kid? That was fuckin' hilarious

The homo christian kid?
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Oh My God.
Life is underrated.

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That's like saying you got cancer that comes with AIDS.
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Starting at 0:23, I felt rather arroused watching the video

Now that I think about it..................

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That sums it up for me.

i second that
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Holy ****. **** you. You ****ing ****.
no way in hell is he 15.. I'm 15 and he looks at least 5 years younger than me
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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I'm going to do the scadusher at my wedding.
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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

what is this "scadush" everyones talking about?
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you know why rabbits are smarter than cows?

fucking cows start moo-ing around for no reason, but rabbits keep their mouth shut until they actually have something to say.

god I hate cows.