What is the best acoustic guitar for under $500?
I'm looking for a guitar that has this:
-Great playability
-Thinner neck

I heard the Jasmine Takamine C34 is good and is only $130. But I would really like your guys opinions. Thanks!
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carvin C250 will run you about $200. sounds like a gibson i love it. it's outplayed my friend's $500 taylor
Can you get out and play the guitars?..I don't know about everyone else, but I found that every acoustic, even if it was the same make and model.

That said, I'd take a look at the Yamaha FG730S. It's the acoustic that I bought when I was looking for a budget acoustic.
the Takamine Jasmine's actually sound amazing for what they are, they are all laminate. Not that it's bad (I have the Takamine S35 and it sounds amazing), but you could definitely do better than for for a little more.

for under 500, check out the Epiphone Masterbilt line. they are all solid, and I think the run just under 500. they are all solid wood.

Seagulls are very good too.

it's better to check them out personally at a guitar store since we all have different tastes.
Look into Silver Creek guitars. Low priced and all solid wood.
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the best acoustic I've played for under $500 is probably a used Taylor 100 series, specifically a 114ce.

But, Taylors have a very distinctly bright character, which you may or may not like.
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Alvarez MD60 looks and sounds amazing.
It's all solid with cedar top.
I'd have to agree with scippy on the Alvarez idea
I do sure love me them Gibsons boy
You really have to get out to various shops and try them for yourself. There's quite a few to chose from that are in your price range. Alvarez, Takamine,Yamaha,Fender,Ovation,Washburn etc. All put out good instruments, you have to se what you like and go with it