Hi people, well im going straight to the point.

Today i went to a pawn shop on my city , and i found this amp, all i can remember about is that the brand was "Arc" the model was something like System-28 or T-28. I think it had 2 10" speakers. Well, i started to test it. IMHO, i thought it had a WONDERFUL tone.

It had a very creamy sound. it had both clean and overdrive channel.
What im confused about was that above the knobs it had written on the amp "Stereo Tube Guitar amplifier". I asked "How many and what tubes does it have?" and the guy from the shop said "Thats not a tube amp, its solid state" And then i was like "WTF , it says in here Tube amplifier" but he insisted it was solid state. To me, it had a very tube like sound. and it had written on it "Guitar Tube amplifier" I looked at the back of amp and there was this black thing covering everything so i couldn't see shit. (The guy from the store was a very grumpy old man, he barely let me test it)

The amp looked very very old, i've been googling and all i've found is that ARC is a 70's Guitar amplifier brand from Canada. but nothing else.

I am really considering that amp, since here in my city Jalisco (im from Mexico, therefore my BAD english) EVERYTHING and i mean everything is very expensive. Just think about it, a Marshall MG15CDR its about $230 dlls ($2800 pesos).

The 2nd option is a new Crate Palomino V16 15 watts amp for $3950 pesos ($300 dlls) Im really interested on it.

The strange old amp i saw today was 2300 pesos (176 dlls)
So what do you guys think. Should i go for the old strange amp (it said it was 60 watts) or for the twice expensive but new Crate palomino V16.


guys, my bad i just found the right info bout this amp, its not ARC, and its not Canadian.

its brand is A.R.T. and its the model ART T28 Attack module, im googling bout this amp. God bless google
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buy the vintage amp
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Just cause it's solidstate, doesn't mean its bad.

If it sounds good, get it.

That said, I find that amps tend to sound somewhat better in the shops than when you've had it for a while, due to the fact that you're hearing a new tone. If you reckon you can sell it on at 80% - 90% the purchase price and you can live with the slight loss, get it. At the worst, think of it as renting the amp, if you really end up disliking it.
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