Okay here's the dealio, I'm having trouble keeping up with the really fast shreading of Slash at the fast part, I think it's fairly obivious why. I can move my fingers that fast and my basic shreading skills are REALLY slacking. Does anyone know anything I can do to make it just a little bit easier to play. Someone told me to try and learn the E minor harmonic scale however I'm having a horrific time trying to find tablature for it. Considering the solo follows that scale closely, do you think if I learn it, that it will help me be able to play the solo easier. Also if you know any Youtube lessons that might be helpful to me can you please provide a link to redirect, I've been watching Marty Swartchz from guitarjamzdotcom teach the solo and he does an excellent job. I can play the solo slowly but, every time I try to get that sucker up to speed I always seem to mess up. I can't even really do the first measure of the fast part. Please bear in mind the beginning is not the part I'm talking about, it's where he turns on the wah and starts shreading out a burning and very difficult lick. If you have any suggestions or possible guitar lessons or someting, anything really, advice helps me, can you please get that to me, beacause I'm in dire help. Thanks UG you rock!
play it slowly, like 60 bpm. Then 65 bpm. Then 70 bpm. And so on. Just make sure you can play it perfectly in each tempo.
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e minor pentatonic is really all you need...
You already have the tab. A lesson isn't going to do much other than to show you where to put your fingers.
Just play it very, very slow to a metronome (Or use the speed trainer on Guitar pro).