Does anyone know much about this amp soundwise?

Like, would it work for metalcore/deathcore?

I found a craigslisting for it (with the nice big fbv pedal for it) for 250$ and i'd really like to jump on it.

I'm gonna try it out, but i was wondering if anyone knew if it was good for nice, crunchy, distortion.


Yes, poop.
My old guitar teacher had one of those. He did everything from clean, crunch, blues, metal, rock, and everything in between with it.

Go for it
Derpy Derp Derp Herp Derp
Go for it, Pekka Kokko of Kalmah used one (I know it's not deathcore but it's death metal, so same sound almost).
um,it used to be line 6 flagship (before Vetta)

and it have some nice tone too
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i have one and love it but it does some weird things with different guitars. with my ibanez rg270 it makes a loud humming noise and the guitar wont amplify, but when i use my ibanez mini iceman it doesnt happen. the only differences between the two are the pickups ( my iceman has two humbuckers, my rg270 has two humbuckers and a single coil. they both have passive [ickups). the only other difference is the bridge. the rg has a floyd rose and the iceman has a solid bridge. overall, when its working it works great. if any one can answer my question thatd be great.
They are decent amps from 15 yrs ago. You can get a L6 Vetta for $350ish and they are way better than the AX2
This one is $399 www.guitarcenter.com/Line-6-Used--Line-6--Vetta-2x12--Black-Guitar-Combo-Amp-110102833-i3762041.gc

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