I've recently heard that you are supposed to set up a guitar right when you buy it. Is this true? I've had my Yammy for over a year now and have always thought the action was a bit high towards the higher frets, but I just thought thats how the guitar was designed. Should I have gotten it set up when I got it?
It is only necessary if the guitar is out of wack when you get it. Yours may not have been. Why not search around the internet and learn to set it up yourself? It isn't a particularly complicated process.

Edit: Also, just to note, a "set up" needs to be done multiple times over the lifetime of the instrument. It isn't generally a do-it-once-and-it's-good-forever type deal. Once a year works for most.
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You may bring it in to your local friendly guitar store and see what they think it may just need a minor adjustment. I have never gotten a guitar "set up". The action is second most important thing when I buy a guitar, and if I find one that sounds good but doesn't quite play right I let the salesperson know and they can usually adjust it farly quickly before I take it home.
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the only person who can tell if your action is too high for you is you since everyone has different needs. if you feel it's hard to play, i would recommend taking it to a luthier with experience and tell him/her what you want your guitar to feel/play like.