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Hey guys,

Been a long time lurker and been seeing a lot of stuff go on here and hoping I can get rid of this stuff on a dependable site.

I have a Squier Tele Affinity series in great shape. I literally used this thing like 10 times. I put newer strings on it just because the ones it came with just didnt sound right.

Ihad that hooked up to a Roland Cube 20x amp and if you guys have ever played around with one of these things you know they are fun to play with! Lots of cool effects and good solid sound output for its size.

I have a gold plated monster cable that I used to connect these two up that I want to say is approximately 8 ft.

I also have a world traveler case that is not form fitted for a telecaster but the guitar does not move around inside of it.

I am looking for 350 shipped for the whole lot. I am open to reasonable offers and am willing to part out for the right offers.

I can be contacted through PM here or through one of either of my email addresses

justin442 at sbcglobal dot net


justin442 at vzw dot blackberry dot net

Both of these are connected to my blackberry and I will respond as quickly as possible to all questions or concerns

Paypal ready

photos below:

Thanks for looking guys. I know that I do not have a high post count but I can assure you that I am a man of my word and I will do all that I can to make sure I take care of whoever purchases from me.

Again, thank you

The PMs work oddly on here, to get PMs you click the yellow box in the top right, saying, 'My Profile'. It's not the link you see now saying Private Messages.

If you didn't know already. Also, I take it you're in the US?
Ah thank you

and yes im in the US. Do I need to post that in the title?

Are you taking any trades?
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Really only looking for cash for the holidays man.

Thanks for the interest though

Reasonable offers accepted

if you only want the guitar or the amp let me know I will spearate


Guitar, case and cable spf to souperman08

Amp still for sale. what say you to 150 shipped?

Ok edit...

Guitar case and cable back up for sale.

Take the Guitar, Case, and cable for 175 shipped to your door in the lower 48

Take the amp for 140 shipped

Thanks guys

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