I have decided it would be in my best interest to get a small practice amp. My main amp right now is an 18 Watter of basically a plexi-copy that I built. It is a half-stack, and I hate carrying it around wherever I go. So I was thinking of leaving it at my bands drummers house for practice, and buying myself a little practice amp for home.

I decided Solid-State so I can get an awesome clean tone for recording if need be, it's cheaper, and possible built-in effects. I was thinking of maybe a Roland Cube 20x or possibly a Vox Valvestate. Maybe even a Fender Frontman, since I think they might spring reverb. Is that correct?

My budget is 200$ USD, I'd rather not go higher than that since it really doesn't have to be amazing. Any recs? Cheaper the better .
If its just for practice...

What about a Pod through active monitors?
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