this is my song, and i would love to know what people think. please comment, good or bad

Baby cakes
is what i call u
when we
spend time together
and my
jokes make you smile
even when your
under the weather
on that planet that your from called bitch and complain
i be soakin up your problems like a sponge in the rain
the woman of my dreams
the honey in my thoughts
our love is so illegal
damn i hopoe we dont get caught
you are my everything
you make my life complete
these were all my thoughs
until i found out that you cheat
but im rollin
staring at that rock on your shoulders
and every day
my heart keeps getting a little colder
with hands down her backside
lips kissing her thighs
and you thought u was the only one
who could tell lies
Sounds like a rap lyric to be honest. What exactly are you shooting for in terms of the backing music?

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