I just bought a new guitar! and after forking over the cash I realized I don't know how to take care of the thing. So, first thing's first, is humidity an issue? The guy who sold it to me has one of those packing packages of gel in it (whether to dry or dampen, I don't know it's result). I have whirring electric humidifier--should I crank it up?


It's not really an issue, unless you have a set neck and it's done very poorly, in that case it may come loose, but any decent guitar won't have this problem. Also, you may experience some fret lifting, and this may affect playability, but it's not really a big issue. Otherwise everything should be fine.
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yeah just basic maintenance and you should be fine. a couple of things to remember. with gibson finishes at least some guitar stands will stain your finish. I'm sure someone can elaborate on this. Also put lemon oil on some fretboards ocassionaly to keep the wood from drying out. Humidity isn't really an issue, just don't have it in extreme temperatures.
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Quote by riffmasterjosh
gibson finishes at least some guitar stands will stain your finish.... Also put lemon oil on some fretboards ocassionaly to keep the wood from drying out. Humidity isn't really an issue, just don't have it in extreme temperatures.

It's nitrocellulose finishes that react with vinyl plastics. It reacts with it and cause the guitar finish to become sticky, runny, or start bubbling after a few hours of contact. It's ugly and it's not easy to repair.

Instead of Lemon Oil I recommend a product called Dr. Duck's Ax Wax. One bottle does everything you would ever want to do to a guitar body. As far as cleaning the fretboard with anything, do it very sparingly. Once or twice a year is plenty as too much cleaning will cause the fretboard to either dry out or become oversaturated. Both of which will cause cracking or the frets to rock out of place.

Humidity with solidbody guitars is not an issue, at least nothing you should be super concerned about. Don't leave it in the rain, stick it in a deep freezer, etc. Common sense will save you there. Although there is one thing you do want to watch for: Don't take the guitar through extreme temperature changes in a short period of time as it will crack the finish. If you've got a guitar that's been riding in the bed of a truck when it's somewhat cold outside, don't bring it into the house immediately. Leave it in the garage in it's case to slowly warm back up overnight or stick the case in a cooler room of the house. Here's an example of a Martin D-28 finish crack caused by a temperature change. Note solidbodies will do the same thing, just not quite as extreme

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NOOO!!! I live in an apartment and it it always VERY humid down here. I had a hardshell case for all my guitars except one. The one was an Ibanez RG7321. I restrung, conditioned fretboard, cleaned body, and did a full setup on all my guitars at the same time (well, over a 3 day period). I did notice one thing. The Ibanez got so F*C*ed up after about 2 weeks, when all my other guitars were just fine. The strings were rusty, the neck was bent, and it just felt disgusting.

Yes, humidity plays a factor with solid body electric guitars. Be careful when it is humid. Always keep your guitar in a hardshell case when not in use.
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It might make a difference to the neck, but as long as it is set up correctly after being in the humid environment for a few days it'll be fine. If you go back to a non-humid environment, it will probably need to be set up again.
Thanks guys!

what about in the "position" it is kept in--I read not to store the guitar standing upright--is this simply so it doesn't accidentally fall over? or does gravity have its powers also?

Gravity has been acting on all guitars since the dawn of time, you cant do anything about that. Gravity has about as much control of your guitars finish as your dead great grandma does.
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it is, but unless it's raw wood, it shouldn't be a problem.

Acoustics have a lot of exposed wood - all the innards are completely unfinished. That's why there's a big problem with their humidity.
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what about semi hollow-body guitars...anything special there, do I need to buy one of those humidifiers with it?