Can someone please explain all the differences from these two bass guitars.
Obviously there is a huge price difference but when it comes to the actually bass guitars themselves is there any difference?
ANYTHING, anything.
ive only been playing bass for about half a year, and am looking into getting a fender jazz.

if it helps any, I play in a hardcore band.
music such as Wintch Mob, Lionheart, HOODS, Furious Styles, Skare Tactic, Signs Of Hope, The Mongoloids, & Kids Like Us to name a few.


build and parts quality. better wood, construction, thicker bridge, more strict quality control are the reason.

either will work. the American will be better.
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yeah, the USA standard would be better, but IMO not enough to warrant the price difference. I have a MIM and I love it.
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yeah i love my MIM and my MIJ fender basses. you really need to go test out basses because they all sound different even if they are the same model.
I also have a MIM Jazz and I'm very pleased with it. The MIA will be better, but 800 bucks better??? I doubt that! Every bass sounds / feels different. Like mentionned above, go out and play on both.
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Build quality on the MIM's can range drastically from horrible to excellent. Each bass will be different. Most of the American made Jazz basses have consistent quality, but with any mass produced instrument some will have flaws. Go to a music store and play several of each.
i have mia and its not like a regret buying it but i also did not pay full price. it's all about the feel of it the mia also has different standard pickups (but i replaced them anyway) the mia is worth the price tho because it competes very well with other instruments in it's price range.
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what i did was i got the mim and change the pick ups to bertollini
thats the best sound ever
I have a MIM P-bass and it plays and sounds pretty good, but compared to an MIA it still feels like a toy. The MIA your getting better hardware, better electronics, choice woods, and most importantly the graphite reinforced neck - which is argueably the best neck in the world as far as playability and stability go.

And if your not willing to pay top dollar for an MIA, they turn up on the second hand market for reasonable prices quite often.
You get what you pay for, the MIA is generally going to be superior quality (although it varies by instrument and personal taste/feel). If your stumped on which to get, you can always get the MIM and upgrade the pups, electronics, hardware, etc, and not spend anywhere near the $800 price difference, if you can live without the graphite reinforcement in the neck, and slightly less choice alder in the body
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I agree with Tostitos you get what you pay for
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I would get the MIA, or see if you can pick up a 2007/08 MIA jazz bass, just as good.
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Don't buy fender basses online. They are all made the same but the quality can be insanely different. One on the line can be the best bass you've ever played: smooth neck, great sound, great look. The next one can be a LOT shittier. Meh neck, poorer sound, bad pickup job. It really all does depend. There can be MIM's that CLEARLY out play MIA basses. Hell, sometimes you find a Squier with a neck crafted by god and with a pickup change it will still outplay some MIA Fenders. Don't buy online.
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Thanks for the help everyone, I really wish it was as easy as going to a local shop and getting a feel for both but it is not, reason for me asking here.
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Just a suggestion, but are you sure you want a Fender? I played a MIM Fender Jazz for years (two actually, fretted and fretless). One day at the store I worked at we got a Peavey Milestone III. It was $200 less, and the tone blew the Fenders away (richer lows and mids) - sold 'em and haven't owned a Fender since.

Nothing against Fenders; they're find instruments, and things like tonality and quality are subjective. Not suggesting you necessarily buy a Peavey (I don't own stock or anything), but if you're thinking of purchasing a lower mid-level bass, there may be less expensive & better quality stuff out there.
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