I'm def. cracking down on songs this week. I been playing 4 months and I can play a fair amount of songs with open chords, power chords. I'm looking to expand and pickup some new technique/improve on old ones. I'd like to improve my solo ability, by learning some licks to add to my own playing. Please don't post saying "there's a thread for this" the only thread i've seen is advanced technqiues like tapping or sweeping. Like I said I've been playing 4 months. Open chord songs are fun, but I feel like constantly playing what I know isn't improving my playing. I want to push myself.
Some metallica like Master of Puppets, One, or Enter Sandman, Some Zeppelin like Black Dog, some Black Sabbath like Iron Man, Paranoid. Good Luck.
Why should I come down?
From here, I can see forever.