An email from a reader asked me to an acoustic ballad cover by a singer-songwriter. I had heard in a concert once, and was floored at just how good she was at guitar. Very inspirational.

While originally I was going to do "Building a Mystery" which is a great song. I did one a little simpler.

Check it out, played and recorded it, 5th take, start to finish. Single track, acoustic guitar and vocals only. Put the capo on the 2nd fret and went to it.

C4C, let me know what you think.

I *will* get the "Building a Mystery" out soon. That's a fun one (capo on 7th fret)

Thanks guys!
Pretty good, I like the guitar......nice, steady and clean rhythm work. The vocals are good, but a little pitchy at some places, but over all pretty good.

I think the quality of the recording itself is excellent considering it is just a single track. Both the guitar and vocals are well balanced..............Good job!