hey guys, i'm looking for a new cab, my friend from a different band has a mesa cab and i like it, i've played my head through it, and am liking the sounds i am getting. However, i don't know what series it is, what is your preference/suggestion, rectifier, or stiletto? my band plays melodic hardcore misery signals-ish. inb4 gay music, homo, etc etc
the rectifier series are bigger. a lot of times called oversized. the stiletto series are smaller, often caled traditional. the rectifier series will have a bigger bottom end, but is often considered muddier. the stiletto series will have a much tighter bottom end. both are loaded with celestion vintage 30s. either will work for your band, just need to decide which one you like best.
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thanks man, i somehow knew the rectifier ones were big, i'm kind of leaning on the stiletto as of now, i just wanted to know the real difference, thanks
With your style of music i think that the tighter bottom end of the Stilleto cabinet would suit you more
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