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Are the frets on a '97 RG550 jumbo or extra-jumbo? They seem pretty huge


I`d say these are jumbo frets. They seem a bit smaller than those on my schecter C-1 FR, which are definitely x-jumbo.
yeah i'd say jumbo also. they're pretty large, but not uncomfortable to play on, and i've definitely seen larger frets.
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Not sure about the '97, but the '07 was "Jumbo".

Bear in mind that Stratocasters have "Medium Jumbo".

My Ibanezes (RG770 & Xiphos) both have "Jumbo" but they're much bigger than the "Jumbo" frets on my Schecter Avenger--although it has very subtle scallopping that might make up the difference in fret height, if not diameter. The Schecter's Jumbos look pretty close to my Strat's frets...
Below is a pic of the '97 US Ibanez catalog.

You're welcome.

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