is using Fast Fret good/bad for the fingerboard (rosewood)?

I used the search function and found no threads about it.
In my opinion it is really useful. I use Fast Fret right before playing and to me it seems easier to play faster. But to really clean the fretboard I recommend to take off the strings and get something liquid like I use D´Andrea Lemon Oil for example. This Fast Fret stick is not really dry too, but with the oil you can really get rid of all the grain and dirt on the fretboard. Should be available in every well sorted music store. Furthermore I use this to refresh dirty strings. I put it on the strings and then I go under the strings (so between fretboard and strings) with a Cleanex.
My little brother actually just turned me on to fast fret and I really dig it. I have been using it for about two months without any adverse affects. He swears by it and his guitar is fine.
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It's fine to use. I have used it on my guitars before.
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I've been using it on my oldest guitar, the Epiphone in my profile, since the late eighties. No problems with the fretboard.

That annoying squeak will go away after an hour or so.
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I bought some a while back and have used it a few times, it helps clean the dirt and makes the string smooth so you can feel the difference when you're playing; slides feel a lot nicer too. Good stuff.