that was sweet, i was digging the guitar tone
it was a bit repetive, but could be spiced with vocals, if you planned on adding them
i would like to hear it with vox.
the guitar solo was solid also,
overall it was really cool, i liked the tone

could you crit mine?
Police were called to a daycare where a three-year-old was resisting a rest.
Nice song. I liked the guitar riffs and whatnot, the tone was good too. It was repetitive though. Vocals would help that. Solo was ok, most of the phrasing and note choices were good, but needs more like, feeling and life. Most importantly, use more vibrato. If you can master that it really helps a lot. And a little tightening up can't hurt. Overall a good song, just needs a little more work.

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It sounds pertty good, I'm not a big fan of the beginning tone you used, but later on in the song it sounds like you cleaned it up. The quality isent bad, about what I'm getting. You should double track it if you havent already yet. Sounds like you have a little bit though. But needs some bass, and vocals and then it would be killer. Thanks for the crit btw.
Very good song man, I really enjoyed it. The guitars thoughout sound really good, and the solo was really cool. Again with bass and vocals added this could be an amazing song. Went on to listen to Aurora too the clean tone used on it is very nice too, has alot of atomsphere. Really liked the heavyness of Wooly too! Would be really grateful if you could crit some of my work, I have just uploaded some new songs, first 6 on my profile.