hey uh my i when to play my guitar this morning and it was out of tune so it though ok and tuned it went to play it and was out of tune within 40 seconds so ive been looking around and all ive found is loose machine heads and there not old new or crap strings the strings are 3 week old D'addario standard strings but it was tuned in drop b drop c for a while and then i got my mate to change it back to standard and he did and it was good for about two weeks and then i went to pla it and you know the rest but i changed the strings when i had it put back in standard any ideas
Strings take some time to stretch out before they'll stay in tune. Try grabbing each string above the pickups and pulling it up (directly away from the guitar) and releasing it a few times to stretch them out faster.

Also, you may want to make sure you strung your guitar correctly. If it isn't strung right, the strings may be slipping on the tuning pegs. Next time you restring it, make sure the strings wrap over themselves on the pegs to make sure they're locked in tight.
First of all, irollemphat's advice will probably solve your problem.

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