I just purchased a USB creative EMU 0202 audio interface, and i would like to know if it is possible to use the Mic channel as a second line in for another instrument. Is that possible? Thanks....
You can use it as an instrument input but not a line input as it's looking for a low signal at that center tap.

I ordered one a while back for my Photoshop class teacher who teaches how to make cartoons and we had issues trying to install the drivers and get it running.

Did you have any issues on the install?
what OS are you running it with?
I had issues with installing the E-MU drivers on both Vista 64 and XP 32. (I've got an E-mu 0404USB)

But then I came up with a great idea... to download the latest drivers released by E-MU! They work really good - the old drivers uninstalled the integrated VIA AC97 sound shipset on my PC so I could use ONLY the E-MU interface. The new ones dont to it anymore so you can use both your interface and your integrated sound card. The new FINALLY are 'Vista approved' so there should be no more driver incompatibility problems.

I'm running Vista Ultimate 64 on an Athlon X2 6000+, 4 gigs RAM.
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yea I used the ones from the website and had install issues on XP 32, Vista, 32, and Win. 7 64...

I finally got it working on XP...turns out you boot the computer, turn on the interface, then run that little EMU program that sits at the lower-right side of the screen.