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That summer, mom said „where I had months, you'll have years“. It was the summer my brother was two years old and choked on a Life Saver, now isn't that ironic. Kind of like the fact that you say I'm the greatest girl and I say you're the greatest guy. Isn't it such a coincidence that we found eachother? Or the fact that I'm always cold but you're always hot and give me your coat. Or that you're dick's so small, just like me, so that you'll never hurt me. I just hope I won't ever have to break your heart.
That summer, it wouldn't stop raining, 60 days in a row. It was so dark, I didn't only forget my way home, I forgot who I was, what I thought and even why I was crying. You were there holding my hand but you were the only one. I knew I was hard work, that summer, always in your arms, but they were what kept me from completely falling apart. Someone had stolen me and I was too weak to go after him. I cried at night when you slept but you always woke and stayed up until I could fall back to sleep. I was grateful. I was up with the stars somehow, a sun, shining with joy, but at the same time totally lost, the only one within billions of miles, and in the dark, the cold, without a home, with no past and no future. Well that about the future, I didn't know yet. That summer you gave me a handful of rocks to keep me on the ground, a handful of feathers to dry up my tears, a mouthful of words to calm me down. Your eyes were my searchlights and your hands lifted me back into place.

„Bake it, eat it and it's gone
That's just the way it is.
The sun feeds me stone after stone
but I can deal with this.
And even the darkest hours in your arms
are better than minutes without you.
The tears I cry on your skin
are sweet compared to all others.
I hope I will love you forever
and I'll still love your skin when you're old.
And I hope you will hold me like this when I die
Because in your arms, I'll never be cold.“
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