I'm thinking of getting a Line 6 FM4... I was looking at an EHX Q-Tron before (which I will probably still get, but anyway) and I stumbled across this pedal, couldn't find any reviews on here about it and the ones at Harmony Central didn't really help me. Anyone here with experience with this pedal? What is it like, is it reliable, noisy, worth the money, how are the filter models compared to the originals, etc.

I play a large range of music, looking at this mainly for RHCP/Frusciante/Mars Volta type stuff.
I would go for the FM4. If you're looking for the filter, modulation, synth, etc. effects...its got quite a few for the price. I love mine. I use the seek wah function quite a bit. I picked mine up for $70 used, and it was money well spent imo.
I had mine for about 3 months now. So far it has been reliable. I havn't had any trouble with it. I was told to make sure you use the line 6 adapter or batteries because if you use any other adapter it probably won't give enough current to power the pedal and thats when problems started happening. It hasn't been noisy at all for me. I don't know how the models compare to the originals but for the RHCP/Frusciante/Stuff it can be useful. It is worth it? It depends. It's a tough pedal to use to make useable sounds but if your good at that it definately worth the money.
That's heaps cheap. I wouldn't be able to get it cheap in Australia, the cheapest I could probably get it would be about $280AUD by ordering it from US eBay. I love the trippy sort of soundscapes and that, but I don't have any filter pedals, I just use the functions on my Vyper like the Auto-wah, Ring mod, reverse and stuff like that for now.
i have it as well. works great for mars volta fall of troy coheed stuff along those lines. its one of those pedals that you just need to sit down and mess with and get a notebook and right down a bunch of settings. you can get a lot out of it its just remebering where your settings were thats hard
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