i am thinking of getting a boss br for home recording, and am wondering how these things actually record i understand one way is they have built in mics, but i believe the usual way is to plug the guitar straight into the boss br. Is there a way to record with a mic in front of the amp. Can someone explain exactly how the recording works.

The Micro BR is pretty neat. The Boss BR-600 does a better job, obviously, but for that money, you're better off setting up a DAW and stuff like that.

For the Micro BR, you have three methods of recording. First of all, you can plug in your guitar directly into the recorder and record the input straight away. I forgot if you can record it as a dry input or whether you have to apply the effects, though. This is basically like plugging your guitar into an amp and playing, except the sound gets recorded into the BR.

You can also use the in-built mic, as you said, but the quality's understandably shoddy.

Finally, you can record with a mic. However, you need a specific type of mic which I, er, forgot. Go look it up.

If you want to record by mic-ing your amp, though, I suggest you either get a Boss BR-600 or use a DAW, which is also cheaper (if you already have a laptop/PC).