i have a question that is probably very simple but i figer it would be easer to ask then find out myself. i was given a recording program by one of my freind, he doesnt play guitar so i cant ask him, and was looking online at adapters that plug into my computer and somthing i want clarification on. you plug in your guitar cord into the adapter and the adapter into the usb port, right? i always thought that you pluged it into the back of the computer somewere and just want to know i am thinking of this the right way. if this setup is wrong please correct me. thanks
GUITAR >LEAD> 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adapter line in or mic in input @ back of PC

or get an interface.. an interface will be much better than Directly shoving your guitar into the PC
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there are usb ports in the front AND back of most computers you know. honestly it depends on the adapter though. i have a line 6 toneport, its a box i plug my guitar into then i plug that into my computer via usb, and can be used with different recording programs too.
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We call these "boxes" INTERFACES... read a few pages and you'll see plenty of ones recommended.
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