So, I'm quite happy with my gear right now (see signature). But as with everyone here, it's never perfect. That's all about to change. But I need your help because I'm stepping into unknown territory for me. The wonderful world of custom midi.

I need advice on what gear to buy, and why. I don't need a random rambling list of different products. I need you to convince me as to why I would need it and why it would fit my needs. I'm saying this because I will actually buy this dreamrig. So bring your A-game!

So, without any further ado, here is my story:

The amp everything will be based around will be a Diezel VH4. That's a certainty.

I play Rock 'n Roll in all it's forms: Blues, Classic Rock, Punk, Metal. Because genres are misinterpreted a lot, here are some specifics: Metallica, Van Halen, Lenny Kravitz, Sum41, ACDC, Aerosmith, 3 Doors Down, The Darkness, Guns 'n Roses, White Stripes.

Cleans are also very important, but sound wise, I'm sure this amp is what I need.

What I need now:

  • A Midi Controller
  • Effects of some sort
  • A Cabinet

Midi Controller:
I want something simple: One button = one preset: by this I mean amp channel with such and such effects, such and such amp functions (effects loop, inserts, mute)

Recommend me something. I have no clue how these things work. I know these things cost starting from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousands. I need something sturdy that does everything i want it to, nothing complex though.

I was advised a Engl Z15, but am wondering what the difference between that and a Z12 was. Also I heard behringer made a decent one as well, but i'm unsure of that.

Can someone tell me the difference between program changes and command changes? I thought it had something to do with also being able to switch channels on not midi enabled amplifiers?


Effects i would need: Delay, Reverb, Chorus, perhaps a flanger or a phaser, a good Wah.

I like the idea of a high end multi effects pedal. I don't like the hassle of different stomp boxes. Also, I'm in a situation where a practice amp isn't the best idea, so maybe an effects pedal with some amp models and a headphone out is the best bet. I was thinking: Line6 Pod XT of Pro or X3 Live (I'm not sure which would be best)

I hear great thing about these things, would have recording possibilities, expression pedal for wah I like as well.

Maybe a TC Electronic G-System.

As I understand it, it is also a midi switching device, so that would come in handy. It would eliminate an extra midi controller. Keep in mind: I like it small and simple.

Disadvantage: no amp models, so no use as practice amp, no expression pedal


is it on par with the others in means of quality? Expression pedals are nice a plus again.

Anything else worth looking out for?

Are there any advantages of stomp boxes that would get the idea of multifx out of my head? I can see the advantage of a separate Wah pedal, but would that be incorporable in my midi circuit?

I've heard from a salesman at Musicstore Köln that the Diezel cabinets aren't really that good, especially considering their very steep price tag. I haven't tried them myself.

My knowledge on cabinets is very small unfortunately, I never thought 2 cabinets could make such a difference. But when I tried multiple side by side on the vh4, it was staggering.

Any help in this department?


Thanks for reading my humongous post, I'm hoping on a lively discussion and lots of information for me to pick up and learn from. Of course it will have to be my final decision, and will have to try lot's of stuff out in the process.

As you may have noticed there isn't really a budget restriction. That however doesn't mean i need a 10.000 dollar rig. Let's say i want to keep it civilized.

If I come up with some more questions, i will surely let you know .
Well, for effect the g-system is the best there is (floorbased that is) and if you like the idea of a midi switcher and a effectspedal in one, this is the way to go. If you really like an expression pedal you could just buy a nice wah or a volume pedal, but I don't see why else you would need one.

Well, the h&k 412 v30 in your sig looks decent enough or are you selling it?
Separate stompboxes give you a better sound quality, but it'll cost more. I'd go for separate stompboxes if I were you. If you go multieffect I'd go for a rackmounted, T.C. Electronic G-Force to be precise.

For a cab, Mesa and Orange cabs are supposed to be really good.

P.S.: I strongly advise you to, whatever you do, go for a separate wah though.
The G-System is way superior and allows u to remove the unit and mount it in ur rack (sounds nasty i know) keeping the pedalboard on the floor for controlling it. Also allows for midi control of external devices so u will have the effects and the midi in one (and the effects quality is amazing, and no they dont pay me).

For a cabe I agree with WtrPlyr. Mesa and orange are very good, but u could go for a custom man like http://www.redstaraudio.com/ . They are always highly recommended.
Since 'Musicstore Köln' appeared in your post, I guess you live in Germany.

Basically Orange (PPC412), Framus, Blackstar (Series One 4x12) and Marshall (1960) cabs are pretty good. Just try a few of them.

For the MIDI controller:
The Voodoo Lab Commander and Ground Control seem pretty good and easy.

For the wah there are plenty of options, depending on what kind of wah sound you want. But as you probably want to use the wah for clean up to high gain, I'd get a Morley Bad Horsie, Crybaby 535Q, or something like that.

Unfortunately I can't help you with the rest.

Good luck.
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Quote by BobDetroit
Fractal Axe-Fx would meet all your requirements.

OMG, a Snax-FX suggestion!

EDIT: Yeah it would really meet all his requirements. But also many people don't like the idea of getting a modelling preamp (or FX-processor, however you call it) for about 2000$ instead of the 'real thing'.
Fender American Special HSS Stratocaster
Ibanez 1987 Roadstar II Deluxe
Yamaha THR10X
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Ibanez WD-7 Weeping Demon Wah
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Quote by BobDetroit
Fractal Axe-Fx would meet all your requirements.

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Quote by JesusCrisp
OMG, a Snax-FX suggestion!

Is that good or bad?
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Quote by Rockerdude22
Is that good or bad?

Depends on your point of view.

It's the probably most versatile 'thing' ever, it can model a ton of stuff, sounds good, and so on, it brings you very close to many amps' sounds, but it's still not the real thing.

I guess it's pretty much a love/hate thing.
Fender American Special HSS Stratocaster
Ibanez 1987 Roadstar II Deluxe
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With a Diezel VH4 I don't think he'll need modelling but that's just my 2cents. I think u'll be better of with just good effects, and the G-System provides that. The sound quality on the Axe-FX is amazing but You would be paying more than You would use. Just an opinion.
Yes, the G system is pretty high priced as well. I will have to try one out to be convinced.
That also leaves me with the fact i couldn't use it as a practice amp model. So because of that I'm leaning more towards a Line6 X3 Live or a Vox Tonelab SE or the Zoom.

and then again, a multi fx + a midi controller will most likely set me back even less than the g system.

I'll have to compare them.

@JesusCrisp: I'm from Belgium, not Germany, but that's besides the point .
You probably want a 4x12 look into Framus, Orange, Mesa, and ENGL cabinets.

The G System destroys any Line 6 MultiFX, from personal experiment.