recordings were done off a imac so dont expect too much but were hitting the studio this christmas break.
I'm not the biggest fan of straight up hardcore like this, but it sounds like it could be cool. Recordings really are pretty bad though. did you just use GarageBand? Seriously iMacs are capable of a lot better than the quality you got. Also, the drums sound a bit basic...

But still, overall it sounds like it has potential. Would like to hear the proper recording when they're done.
My name is Danny. Call me that.
Yea, it was garage band.
I'm not gonna defend the recordings, they sound horrible and I'd also like to mention those were the first two songs we wrote as a band about two or three practices into it.
Since then we have wrote alot, played a few shows and from what people tell us at shows we have improved and have a solid sound with alot of old school.

thanks for taking the time,
add us and we can keep you posted on new and WAY better recordings.