Were playing at a bar and doing a mini type set these are the songs

1.Island in the Sun
2.Inside and out
4.Hate to say I told you so
5.Stacy's Mom
7.Here it goes again-Ok Go

what do you think?, any tips for a successful show, I'm the rhythm guitar player
1. Don't get too drunk before the show
2. Don't get too stoned before the show.
3. Concentrate on your playing, but not at the cost of stage presence.
4. Make sure your set is made up of well-known songs, if you're playing a covers set. No-one in a bar wants to listen to your favourite-yet-obscure band's songs which they've never heard before (sucks, I know)
Be sure to wear some clothes, too. No-one likes doing a gig naked. (except me)
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Be sure to wear some clothes, too. No-one likes doing a gig naked. (except me)

And Rage Against The Machine, the Red Hot Chili Peppers...
stage presence
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If it`s your first gig keep this in mind:

Big chance it`ll suck...
But hey, it might go excellent and it kicks ass anyway.
If I were you I wouldn`t start with Island in the Sun.

But with something as Here It Goes Again, I don`t know the rest of the songs so...
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And Rage Against The Machine, the Red Hot Chili Peppers...

And Nick Oliveri
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And Nick Oliveri

And Iggy Pop...
Sunn O))):
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just remember to have fun.

it doesnt matter if it goes tits up, remember to smile because I'm sure everyone remembers their first gig, the first experience of that Adenerline rush and that satisfaction of having people listening to what you have to say.
Couple of tips:

*Look at the audience as much as possible.
*Move around a little.
*(Someone will screw up) Don't show on your face that someone screwed up.
*Enjoy yourself.
*Ask friends (the next day) what they thought. Let them be brutally honest with you. (This could be the hard part.)
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Ya, if you mess up, do not stop during the song.
My friend does that and it drives me INSANE.
Just keep playing.
Also if you are worried about your performance, just practice lots.
The more practice you do, the more faith you have in your skills.
Don't try to overdue anything, like stage presence. Chances are for your first gig you're not going to be comfortable going completely nuts on stage so don't force it. I made that mistake while playing my first show and the failure was epic.
i think the songs are very apart sounding from one another...

relax, and believe that YOU ARE a rock star