Hi all,

My very first post here.Just want to share a bit of our first pro work here www.myspace.com/kajha. Soon we'll upload the full album and it will be downloable absolutely freely. We've spent tons of hours of our lives to make those songs.

I'd say that we play some kind of experimental and psychedelic rock, with a big influence of progressive rock (you know, all those time signature changes, modulations, long songs) We're currently a trio but great spanish musicians has played here (trumpets, pianos, electronic sequences).

I'd just want some feedback (either positive or negative) from people from this big little world, I know that our music is not for the average listener.

Hope you give us a try, I'll try to post here often, and I will reply to any questions that eventually would come.

Best Regards,


PD: Sorry for my english, not my native language!
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