Hey guys. I've got 2 weeks of almost entirely uninterrupted time, and I need to whip my chops into shape. I'm going to try and get with this guy who just happened to be looking for a drummer and lead guitarist, who just happened to love the same music that my drummer friend and I love, who FURTHER just happened to be coming to my town in two weeks.

So I don't wanna screw this up. I've got two weeks. My playing level is at the stage where I can play Children of Bodom's Blooddrunk, and As Blood Runs Black's In Dying Days, so I'm not exactly a beginner. I'm looking for some exercises to work on the areas of my playing that I don't find satisfactory.

First and foremost, I want to include music theory into every aspect of this 2 week "guitar boot camp." I want to learn the modes, I want to learn chords, and I want to pick up new techniques. I want to learn new scales, and I want to learn how to apply them. I want to learn about chromaticisms and all that other junk too.

Second, and just as important: I need to improve my rhythm playing. My timing is pretty good, but I just don't have very good riff-writing skills. I need to get some studies in good riffing. Also I'll put it to here that my dynamics aren't the best.

Next, my fingerpicking and chord work is utter shit. I know it's not EXACTLY relevant when you're looking to start a grindcore/deathcore band, but I'd like to dedicate at least some effort to that, because it'll probably help other areas of my playing.

Next, I'd like to improve my downpicking speed, which is bad. I can alternate pick pretty well, but I fall short on downpicking. I think I can do 8th notes at like 160, I'd like to be able to hit at least 190.

I'd like to work on my soloing. Solo composition and execution. My sweeping is pretty good,(EDIT: I take that back, I need lots of work on my sweeping too) but my single position runs and position shifts are no bueno. I want to expand beyond linear, run up the scale a bunch style solos.

It sounds like I suck a lot but I'm trying to really tear myself apart and criticize every aspect of my playing. I need some help developing these. I need a practice regimen designed to improve every aspect of my playing in two weeks. I'd like some help from you guys here developing that practice regimen.

I'll also need some support from UG. I'm willing to dedicate at least two hours a day, but it'll probably take more than that. So that's pretty much it. thanks for reading and good luck to me.
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Two weeks isn't really going to change anything no matter how intensely you practice.
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You have to be realistic here - two weeks is not that long. And you need to watch out for the possibility that you will be fatigued if you suddenly start practicing way more than you are used to.

I'd view the two weeks more as - ok, you've built the dresser, now you get to sand it down and apply finish and such and get it to look pretty. That's pretty much what you can do in two weeks, when applied to guitar. Building the dresser, so to speak, takes years.

There are times when you can make significant improvement in two weeks, but that's more when there is one specific flaw which is holding you back (as opposed to an overall across the board improvement) and you work on it like crazy. And even then it takes a while after the two weeks to sink into your playing.
Thanks for the responses, guys. Like I said, I'm being pretty critical of myself, I'm not a bad player at all, I just need some refining. And a crash course in theory.

That 30 hour workout is intense. I can't play through the whole 10 hours yet, I think I'll work my way up to it, like training for a marathon. I'll try the 6-day, 5 hour workout, with 30 minute sessions, rather than the full hour-long ones.
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Check This Band:As Blood Runs Black
Guitarist of the month: Quorthon

Got a good band that you want to share with the world? PM me and I'll write them a review.