You know how Dimarzio pickups have four wires along with a bare ground? And then you've got those crappy pickups that only have two wires? Can I switch those two wires from hot to ground and vice versa or is the ground wire like the bare ground on Dimarzios? The problem is my bridge pickup (replacement) is out of phase with my middle pickup (stock). So, is this cool? Thanks!
Are you sure you wired it right? On the Dimarzio the Red is the hot wire. The Bare AND the Green both get grounded. The Black and White wires get connected together and taped off. It shouldn't be out of phase if you wired it right though. Double check your wiring.
It's not my bridge pickup that's out of phase, the bridge AND middle pickups are out of phase together. I can switch the wiring of the bridge pup, but I'd rather just reverse the wiring of the middle.
Yes, it did. I figured it would, but I was wondering if I could switch the middle pickup around because both the neck and bridge pickup were out of phase with it. I figure I could kill two birds with one stone if I did that. However, I'm glad did do it like I was told, 'cause when I opened up my guitar, it looked like a team of drunk monkeys had been there last. Needless to say, I fixed all that and everything is working perfectly.