Does anyone have any good songs that not have a to advanced solo ? The guitarist is good, but his not so good at playing fast solos.

Not realy easy like Smells like teen spirit or something, a little more advanced.

This is some songs i have lately been playing, dont know how hard they are for the other instruments.

Muse - plug in baby
Velvet revolver - slither
Black sabbath - Paranoid
Black sabbath - Iron man
i improvised a solo over american idiot, maybe you could try doing something similar?
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Hysteria is cool, bit overdone though.

Hammer Smashed Face is fun :P

YYZ by rush isnt too hard I don't think.

The Philosopher Might be ok too. The bass solos are a bit tricky though.

I don't know YYZ is challenging to alot of people

I think Helter Skelter would be a cool one with a fun guitar solo
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