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Ibanez s520 ex
12 92%
Schecter synyster standard
1 8%
Voters: 13.
Ibanez 520ex or Synyster Standard?

help me to choose one of them and tell me why also
If someone could put the price of each one I would comb his hair
and eat my nails.

sorry for my english :S

and $800

I like to play a lot of styles from blues to metal
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Your English is odd, and if you knew what you said, you'd be confused too, but don't worry!
For prices, check a website that sells these guitars, I don't know off the top of my head.

And I'd suggest the Ibanez, purely because the Syn standard is quite expensive for what you get.

What budget are you on, what amp, and what style of music do you play?
I'd suggest the ibanez, just cause your not Synyster. I make it a point not to buy an artists model. but thats just me.
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I don't know why you would eat your nails, but the other guy is right, the Ibanez is better, because it's more versatile. Probably one of the best guitars you get for 800
Find an opportunity to try both out and see which one you like the feel and sound of best.
Ibanez only because you're not paying for the artist's name and because the Standard isn't as good as the Custom. on the Standard Syn, you get Duncan Designed pickups, a licensed floyd, and a rosewood fretboard. on the custom (which is about $1000), you get actual Seymour Duncans, an official floyd, and an ebony fretboard.
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Well, I'd say the Ibanez just because the Syn model is gonna be good for only one thing, Avenged Sevenfold and other bands that might sound like them. More versatility in the Ibanez

Here's a price for each of them. I'm not sure where you are but these are prices in the U.S. online