Okay so, I was learning on lick library,
The thing is, I got the hendrix chord, the E7#9...
And I learned that easy.
But then they had the G chord, which is a slash chord I suppose.

355430 (effectively the barre chord)
It looks like his third finger is playing BOTH 5th frets.
So that's okay, maybe I could learn that...
But I can't get my thumb round, I own a slim neck electric, are my hands too small?
is there ways around it? or ways to sorta get it.. lol

EDIT: He just said it was a hendrix G, I just dun see the difference...
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Thumb round, its the only way. It might be uncomfortable at the beginning, but you'll get used to it.
hendrix liked to use his thumb for his playing so i'd try that
I thought you were merely 'hollering' at Hendrix.

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I thought you were merely 'hollering' at Hendrix.

Yeah I thought that might happen, but i decided to leave it to tempt in people to halp.