im a left handed guitarist and im looking for a fifth guitar. i thought in my head FENDER :P but i then sed to my self stuff £700 on 1 thing ill buy a squire cheapo thing and then customize ? (not done yet but thinking about it :P )
I no he's got a seymour duncan jb jr somewer on his GUITAR !!! but can some1 tell me wer and wat pickups he uses janick is my fav guitarist as he is left handed like myself
would a seymour duncan jb jr be able to make a gd metallica ish sound ? also can u try and get me prices for these things aswell
thank you
from Sainty
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im not sure i follow. could you try to incorporate at least most of the letters into your words? i mean i get most of it, but there are huge gaps in places...

it seems to me you want to buy a squire and throw a JB jr on there somewhere. quick image search shows me what looks like the JB jr in the bridge position. dunno about prices, look it up yourself, not hard to do.
Just buy the guitar he uses if you want to ahve a similar guitar... (also, he plays right handed, even though he is left ahnded, so if you really want to be like him, learn to play with your other hand )

But if you want to sound like him, get an amp that can get closer, the guiatr won't make as much difference tonally.... Unless you already have a good amp... IN which case.... :/

(and also, learn to spell )
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