Hey all,
here is a new song my friend and I recently recorded. He handled the guitars, bass, and vocals. I handled the keyboards, drums, and lyrics. We recorded it in separate places in a total of about an hour as I am at school 3 hours from where he is. This is just a rough mix because we are remixing and mastering everything right now. The kick drum isn't as audible as I'd like due to the lack of great recording equipment here but we are fixing that for the final mix. Anyways it's rather short and it's black metal for the most part. Enjoy and C4C

It's the only song on my profile btw

Hey man

I can't get your profile mp3 to work due to the fact the the internet up here at my college blows because of the firewall.

If you can send me the song via email, I'll def check it out and give you a holler as to what I think. ( ewall09@yahoo.com )

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will do! and thanks very much. Yeah it's mostly the drums we are trying to fix because I only have 2 mics with me at school which isn't ideal for drums but I thought it turned out nicely
Hey man no prob. Keep me posted on when you finish polishing that song up! Sounds pretty epic.
Yes yes the quality is not great haha. We are fixing that. And I am glad you like it! I will be sure to check out yours. The sad thing I noticed is the production on this is still better than quite a bit of the black metal out there haha. But thank you for the compliments!
i'd really like to hear his with better sound quality and a way better mix. not really a death metal fan and i hate the distorted vocals but thats just personal preference. you backup vocals were very fun sounding but were lost in the mix. the guitar solo sounded like it had great potential but once again you kind of have to listen hard to hear it. nice effort and i'd be more han happy to check out the better version once you get it done.
I think this is mixed really well aside from the throaty vocals. They sound like they are double tracked or panned or something so they dont sound like they are part of the rest of the tracks. The singing parts have good projection, but the distorted vocals need alot of work; IMO they need more scratchiness/distortion (push more air through your throat with your diaphragm) to go along with the rest of the song.

c4c? On my profile, "Dionysian Retribution"
Thanks for the crit. I will check yours out when I have time to do a decent critique. As for the vocals I didn't do them, but they are pretty standard for black metal.